Meet the Team

Co-Owner: Mr. James M. Pierce:

Mr. Pierce received his B.S. degree in Business Administration from Campbell University. Upon graduation, he enlisted in the US Marines which allowed him to further develop his natural propensity for technical and computer based databases. These beginning career choices, subsequently, helped him as an administrator and system programmer at Burlington Industries and BGF Industries. As a system designer, Mr. Pierce pioneered several system/computer platforms. As an educator, Mr. Pierce has taught programming within academia and in the corporate environment. During his tenure within these various educational settings, he has taught basic as well as advanced Access programming. Mr. Pierce has been developing Microsoft Access programs since the early 90’s. Over the past 3½ decades, he has developed several hundred unique database programs for various individuals and large companies. Such programs focused on the implementation, refinement, and efficacy of: manufacturing systems, human resource systems, and fringe benefits systems. “ABTS” is the result of his attention to details, consumer-focused programming, and intuitive knowledge of the Microsoft platforms. In the development of the program, his primary focus has been on keeping it functional, user-friendly, and efficient.

Co-Owner: Dr. Edward F. Morris:

Dr. Morris has been a psychologist for over thirty years. He received his doctoral degree from a n APA accredited program in clinical psychology (Univ. of Maryland), completed his residency at an APA accredited internship, and is a licensed psychologist. Over the past three decades, he has worked in a variety of academic and clinical settings, and has assumed numerous clinical and administrative positions. He has managed staff, administered programs, supervised numerous clinicians, and developed treatment protocols in both the private and public sector. He has also taught courses at the graduate and undergraduate level at various universities. Currently, he is the Executive Director of a private practice in North Carolina that focuses on competency-based therapy and evaluations. He also serves as a "court expert" within the North Carolina state and federal court system on various children and adult related issues. "ABTS" is the culmination of his years of clinical administration, clinical supervision, and clinical practice.

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