To maintain our security standards, Officite has put in place stronger mailbox password requirements for all of our email customers.

Before December 9, 2020, you will need to update your email password to meet our new requirements. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not change your password by December 9, 2020, your email service will be suspended. You will still be able to receive emails, but you will not be able to send emails until your password has been changed.

To reset your password, please select one of the options below:  

1. Webmail: If you log into, your password can be changed within Webmail by going to Settings, Password, Change password.

2. Portal: If you log into, your password can be changed within the portal by logging in and going to your name in the upper right-hand corner, Change Password.

3. Other email client: If you are using a different email client (ex. Outlook), you’ll need to first change your password in Webmail and then enter your new password in your email client. In most cases, you’ll be prompted for your new password once you open the email client.

Tips to help you create a strong password, your password must contain the following: 

  • At least 10 characters
  • One uppercase letter
  • One lowercase letter
  • One number
  • One special character

If you have any questions or need assistance with updating your password, please contact us at 1.877.393.3348.

Thanks for your help in keeping our email platform safe and secure.


Officite Client Services Team

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